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These Steps, built by Amish Craftsmen, are made of pressure treated wood. Smooth rounded grip handrail. Choices of Left, Right or Straight Handrails.

Step tread depth is 11-1/4".

Step Rise on the 28" is 6-7/8" (4 steps), 32" is 6-1/2" (5 steps), and 36" is 7-1/8" (5 steps).

Steps are put together with weathermatch screws that will not rust or back out like nails. Takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to assemble rails to steps.

Prices are the same on straight entrance (two side rails), or side entrance (one side and one back rail).
STEP SIZES   (40" x 40" Platform)
Steps Price Step Description
404016 Spec Order 16"H x 40"D x 40"W
404020 Spec Order 20"H x 40"D x 40"W
404024 Spec Order 24"H x 40"D x 40"W
404028 $990.00 28"H x 40"D x 40"W
404032 $990.00 32"H x 40"D x 40"W
404036 $990.00 36"H x 40"D x 40"W
404040 Spec Order 40"H x 40"D x 40"W
H = Height of step/Platform
D = Depth of top landing/Platform
W = Width of step/Platform
STEP SIZES   (48" x 48" Platform)
Steps Non-Stock Step Description
484816D Spec Order 16"H x 48"D x 48"W
484820D Spec Order 20"H x 48"D x 48"W
484824D Spec Order 24"H x 48"D x 48"W
484828D Spec Order 28"H x 48"D x 48"W
484832D Spec Order 32"H x 48"D x 48"W
484836D Spec Order 36"H x 48"D x 48"W
484840D Spec Order 40"H x 48"D x 48"W