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The FIRMAN W01784 Inverter generator features 2100 starting watts and 1700 running watts. As a companion to other FIRMAN inverter generators the W01784 comes complete with parallel cables that allow connection to any other FIRMAN inverter generator to combine the power of the two units. It offers an L5-30R 30Amp outlet and includes an RV ready TT-30R adapter. Power is supplied by our Max Pro Series 80cc FIRMAN engine which runs cool and efficient thanks to its Phoenix Fat Head Block. Our Whisper Series muffler keeps the W01784 running a quiet 59 decibels - well below the standards set by the National Parks Service, and our spark arrester has been approved by the USDA Forest Service. The .9 gallon fuel capacity provides a whopping 9 hours of run time. Starting is simple with the FIRMAN First pull, reliable recoil system. The FIRMAN digital automatic voltage regulator ensures clean, consistent power output from the FIRMAN Power Stream alternator. For the ultimate in portability the W01784 is less than 52 lbs with a built in ergonomic handle. Major touch points are all front and center for easy starting and use, power, choke, eco-mode and all receptacles are conveniently located for easy access. The durable, lightweight, powerful inverter is built for years of use. Just add gas! Everything you need comes standard in the box including: oil, funnel, owner's manual and, spark plug wrench.

Features / Benefits
• Reliable Recoil Start
• Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator
• Power Stream Alternator
• Phoenix Fat Head Block for Enhanced Engine
• Whisper Series Muffler with USDA Forest Service
  Approved Spark Arrester
Generator - 2100 / 1700 Inverter W01784 213101 $892.97
Features / Benefits
• 193cc engine with low oil shut off and cast iron sleeves
• FIRMAN Eco Mode varies engine speed depending on
• Less than 3% Low THD-Clean power
• Multi-feature control panel with covered outlets
• Perfect for the home, camping or tailgating
• The W03382 is a 3650 watt electric start generator
  made with you in mind
• Our Max Pro Series 193cc engine runs cool and
  efficient thanks to the Phoenix Fat Head Block
• The Whisper Series muffler runs at a quiet 58 dB well
  below National Park standards
• 1.8 gal fuel tank provides up to 10 hrs of run-time
  including an ECO mode varying power needed to
  maximize fuel efficiency as well as a built-in parallel kit
  to double power with any of our inverter generators
• For maximum portability the W03382 weighs 103lbs
  with a wheel kit and handle
• Enjoy quiet power wherever you need
Generator - 3650 / 3300 Inverter W03382 213116 $1259.17
Your ultimate generator box for security and gas safety! Gen Secure features a robust lock and key system to make theft challenging for burglars, providing additional protection for your belongings. Our generator box is designed with vents to safely exhaust residual propane and gas fumes while parked or in transit, with the lid secured by a lock knob to ensure proper airflow during generator operation. Rubber access ports allow convenient cord and plug access, as well as the option to vent exhaust fumes safely via a tube. We’ve also incorporated tie-down rings for secure storage with our provided tie-down straps. Choose Gen Secure for peace of mind, knowing your items are protected, and gas-related operations are conducted safely. Also see Trailer Tray.
Gen Secure - Storage Box CC-200 213141 $610.13