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"The WF-9800LiS Series is the first deck mount converter charger in the WFCO lineup designed with a remote switch feature for both Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries. The ""remote switching"" feature allows for a switch to be installed at any location preferred by the end user. With an easy connect WAGO connection on the back, it also allows for easy wiring and hookup for any style of switch. Easy to use, the WF-9800LiS Series provides a convenient, cheaper, long-term option that eliminates the hassle of swapping out a whole unit. With versatility like this, it's ideal for use in a wide array of recreational vehicles."
Converter/Charger - Deck mount 45 AMP DC output WF-9845-LISCB 213056 $259.70
The versatile, advanced power source solution. Convenient deck-mount. 55 AMP DC output (15 AMP AC Power Cord)-Auto Detect. (WF-9855-AD-CB)
Converter/Charger - Deck mount 55 AMP WF-9855-AD-CB 213086 $285.96
Replacements for the lower power converter sections of all WF-8900 Series converters, also can replace other brands of converters. Installs easily with only four screws and five wires.
Main Board Asm - 45A WF-8945-AD-MBA 213077 $208.80
Main Board Asm - 55A WF-8955-AD-MBA 213080 $285.96
With 40 years of power equipment experience, WFCO knows what is important to our customers. High on the list is easy, fast installation. Our WF-8900 MBA Series is a quick, easy replacement part for all power centers. It installs easily with only two screws, three AC wires, and two DC wires. With no need to re-wire, installation is only 10 minutes! Customers also have the option for Reverse Polarity Detection that meets new RVIA and NEC requirements with an audible alarm notification. No additional wiring or hookup required and accepts hi-pot testing.

Features / Benefits
• Automatic Cooling Fan - The Cooling Fan in the WF-
  8900 Series Power Center is Incremental and is
  Controlled by the Current Drawn Out of the Converter to
  the Applied Load the On-Board Microprocessor
  Increases Fan Speed as the Total Load Increases and
  Decreases Fan Speed as the Load Decreases
• Over Temperature Protection - If the Internal
  Temperature of the Converter Exceeds a Critical Point,
  It will Shut Down, this Protects the Unit from Excessive
  Heat that May Damage Sensitive Components the Unit
  will Restart Once the Temperature Inside has Dropped
• Electronic Current Limiting
• Short Circuit Protection
• 3-Stage Smart Charging
• Over Current, Over Temperature, Over Voltage,
  Reverse Polarity
• FCC Class B Compliant
Main Board Asm - 55 AMP DC output Lithium Switch WF-8945-AD-MBA 213077 $374.72